Sentence Examples

  • Dean usually devoted the solitary time behind the wheel to sorting out details of a case, putting little facts in their slots like letters in a country post office.
  • An effort at a more direct mechanical process is embodied in the inventions of Foucault which are at present being developed in Germany and Belgium; in this process the glass is drawn from the molten bath in the shape of flat sheets, by the aid of a bar of iron, previously immersed in the glass, the glass receiving its form by being drawn through slots in large fire-bricks, and being kept in shape by rapid chilling produced by the action of air-blasts.
  • Side pipes are occasionally dispensed with, heat being obtained by means of slots at the back of the beds, communicating with the chambers.
  • Here the style s of the pendulum rests in slots in the short arms of two writing levers pivoted at o and o'.
  • In Emery's testing machine there are no knife-edges, but their function is performed by thin steel plates, which are forced under a very heavy pressure into slots formed in the parts that are to be connected, so that the parts are united by the plate.

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