Sentence Examples

  • Tried and true slumber party games and activities have been a part of sleepover get-togethers for decades, and while these activities are still popular, party guests have found new ways to entertain themselves as well.
  • An extremely formal, traditional invitation is not appropriate for a five-year-old's princess birthday sleepover, and likewise a martini-glass shaped lime green note is not appropriate for a black-tie evening wedding.
  • When it's time for a sleepover, a free printable invitation to slumber party is a thrifty choice for gathering the guests that also offers party hosts a wide variety of invites to fit their tastes.
  • Slumber party games offer a great way to keep your little ones entertained at a sleepover, and there are plenty of games to choose from that don't include any expense on your part.
  • If the party room will also need to double as the sleepover room (instead of your child's bedroom), you can jazz things up by adding decorations specifically for a themed pajama party.