Sentence Examples

  • They are typical Berbers in physique, tall, well made and muscular, with European features and fair skins bronzed by the sun.
  • The addition of a little of the acid to glue renders it more tenacious; skins to be used for making leather do not undergo decomposition if steeped in a dilute solution; butter containing a small quantity of it may be kept sweet for months even in the hottest weather.
  • There were about twenty-five thousand people at the game, and, when we went out, the noise was so terrific, we nearly jumped out of our skins, thinking it was the din of war, and not of a football game that we heard.
  • The exports consist of cotton, sugar, cocaine, hides and skins, rubber and other forest products, wool, guano and mineral products.
  • In the interior is said to exist a tribe - the Korongoeis--with white skins and fair hair, but it has never been seen by travellers.

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