Sentence Examples

  • After the initial complaint was made and the investigation launched, Kate Gosselin's brother and sister-in-law appeared on The Early Show on CBS to add their voices to the complaint.
  • His most recent relationship with former sister-in-law Sharon Newman and subsequent marriage is marred by his involvement with taking her child.
  • His sister-in-law and her whole family, who came to live with him on his return from Rome, perished shortly afterwards of the plague; and on the 2nd of April 1634 died, to the inexpressible grief of her father, his eldest and bestbeloved daughter, a nun in the convent of San Matteo at Arcetri.
  • Mme d'Aubigne returned to France, and from sheer poverty unwillingly yielded her daughter to her sister-in-law, Mme de Villette, who made the child very happy, but converted or pretended to convert her to Protestantism.
  • The word nasty has such a negative connotation; you probably don't want to use it when describing your sister-in-law.