Sentence Examples

  • Hope dealing elements of disease, with its first beginnings; and in the field of therapeutics, chemical and biological experiment, as in the case of digitalis, mercury and the iodides, was rapidly simplifying remedies and defining their virtues, so that these agents could be used at the bedside with more precision.
  • As far as the order to which he carried the approximations - which, however, were based on a simplifying hypothesis that the molecules influenced each other through mutual repulsions inversely as the fifth power of their distance apart--the result was that the equations of motion of the gas, considered as subject to viscous and thermal stresses, could be satisfied by a state of equilibrium under a modified internal pressure equal in all directions.
  • The brewer has gone a step further in simplifying his expressions by multiplying the density by 1000, and speaking of the difference between the density so expressed and 1000 as "degrees of gravity" (see Beer).
  • These two simplifying facts bring the properties of the gaseous state of matter within the range of mathematical treatment.
  • For the purpose of thus simplifying the operations of arithmetic, the base is taken to be Io, and use is made of tables of logarithms in which the values of x, the logarithm, corresponding to values of m, the number, are tabulated.

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