Sentence Examples

  • The flagship was at Simons Town.
  • Simons care to commit the commons to his cause by summoning them to his parliament did not suffice to disguise the fact that the government which he had set up was not representative of the whole nation.
  • The former allowed nearly all of Montlorts faction to obtain amnesty and regain their estates on the payment, of heavy fines; only Simons own Leiceste~ estates and those of Ferrers, earl of Derby, were confiscated.
  • Two of his publications, with similar titles, in 1530, are noteworthy as having influenced Menno Simons and David Joris (Weissagung vsz heiliger giitlicher geschrifft, and Prophecey oder Weissagung vsz roarer heiliger gatlicher schrifft).
  • Have also been developed in later periods of ecclesiastical history, as for example by the Priscillianists and the Bogomils, and also since the Reformation by Jacob Boehme, Menno Simons and a small fraction of the Anabaptists.

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