Sentence Examples

  • David Dean, without a remote control, had difficulty with the TV and these two old fogies were out surfing the net like a couple of Silicon Valley youngsters.
  • Like silicon and carbon, very varying values had been given for its specific heat, until H.
  • In addition to the above gaseous rectifiers of oscillations it has been found that several crystals, such as carborundum (carbide of silicon), hessite, anastase and many others possess a unilateral conductivity and enable us to rectify trains of oscillations into continuous currents which can affect a telephone.
  • GERMANIUM (symbol Ge, atomic weight 72.5); one of the metallic elements included in the same natural family as carbon, silicon, tin and lead.
  • Scheele had done, and because he was employing a glass vessel he got "fluor acid air" (silicon fluoride).

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