Sentence Examples

  • When exposed to the air these leaves easily part with their moisture, and become shrivelled and dry.
  • The south-western shore is generally low, with sand hills covered with shrivelled pines and bur oaks.
  • It has a much more shrivelled appearance and paler colour than ordinary jalap, and lacks the small transverse scars present in the true drug.
  • With their eyes on the ends of the earth, and a ring of enemies from Constantinople to the Antilles, the Spaniards fought, with steadily diminishing material resources, with a character and intellect which shrivelled by swift degrees.
  • Beardless and shrivelled, writes Sir John Malcolm, it resembled that of an aged and wrinkled woman, and the expression of his countenance, at no time pleasant, was horrible when clouded, as it very often was, with indignation.