Sentence Examples

  • The imports are mainly white longcloth, grey shirting, rice, jowaree, dates and sugar.
  • The chief articles of import are cotton goods (European white longcloth and American grey shirting), rice and jowari, flour, dates, sugar and tobacco (the last from Rotterdam).
  • Shirting, which has long since ceased to refer exclusively to shirt cloths, includes a large proportion of Lancashire manufacture.
  • The export shirting trade is done mainly on "repeat" orders for well-known "chops" or marks.
  • Wide (the extremes being used on the one hand for children's cots or ship bunks and on the other for old-fashioned four-posters), which may be either plain or twilled, bleached, unbleached or half-bleached; (2) a grey calico, heavier than a shirting, sent largely to China and other markets, usually 36 in.

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