Sentence Examples

  • A crop-like dilatation of the gut and a recurved intestine, embedded in the compact yellowish-brown liver, the ducts of which open into it, form the rest of the digestive tract and occupy a large bulk of the visceral hump. The buccal region presents a pair of shelly jaws placed laterally upon the lips, and a wide range of variation in the form of the denticles of the lingual ribbon or radula.
  • Vinen, loc. cit.), with gallic and ellagic acids, ligneous fibre, water, and minute quantities of proteids, chlorophyll, resin, free sugar and, in the cells around the inner shelly chamber, calcium oxalate.
  • A further variation consists in the development of additional shelly plates upon the dorsal line between the two large valves (Pholadidae).
  • But the shelly substance does not always in boring forms adhere to this form after its first growth.
  • In Aspergillum the whole of the tubular mantle area secretes a continuous shelly tube, although in the young condition two valves were present.

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