Sentence Examples

  • This upheaval - the consequences of which have been felt even within the historic period, by the drainage of the formerly impracticable marshes of Novgorod and at the head of the Gulf of Finland - together with the destruction of forests (which must be considered, however, as a quite subordinate cause), contributes towards a decrease of precipitation over Russia and towards increased shallowness of her rivers.
  • Through all these changes Ravenna maintained its character as an impregnable "city in the sea," not easily to be attacked even by a naval power on account of the shallowness and devious nature of the channels by which it had to be approached.
  • Our concern lies with the first kind of Crusade, and with the other three only so far as they bear on the first, and as they illustrate the immense widening which the term "Crusade" now underwent - a widening accompanied by its inevitable corollary of shallowness of motive and degradation of impulse.
  • In spite of the shallowness and his culture and his extremely weak character, he enjoyed an ever-increasing popularity.
  • This shallowness of its waters served to protect the Zuider Zee from the invasion of large ships of war.

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