Sentence Examples

  • Durham, Through the Lands of the Serb (London, 1904).
  • Although an orthodox Serb, he was from the first a devoted adherent of the Magyar liberals.
  • The Serb congrega tions, who had previously been classed as Orthodox Greek, were officially recognized as members of the Orthodox Church of Seryia after 1883.
  • All classes delight in hearing or intoning the endless romances which celebrate the feats of their national heroes; for every true Serb lives as much in the past as in the present, and medieval wars still constantly furnish themes of new legends and ballads.
  • The Croats, however, are Roman Catholics and use the Latin alphabet, while the Serbs belong to the Orthodox Church and use the Cyrillic alphabet, augmented by special signs for the special sounds of the Serb language.

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