Sentence Examples

  • - Syrinx muscles entirely lateral or attached to the dorsal or ventral corners of the bronchial semi-rings.
  • (1) A semi-legendary king (kava), praised by Zoroaster as his protector and a true believer, son of Aurvataspa (Lohrasp).
  • To these the semi-sedentary Arabs who sparsely cultivate the river valley, dwelling sometimes in huts, sometimes in caves, pay a tribute, called kubbe, or brotherhood, as do also the riverain towns and villages, except perhaps the very largest.
  • The culture of men who were either Greeks or "semi-Graeci" by birth and education, and the protection and favour bestowed upon them by the more enlightened members of the Roman aristocracy.
  • A semicircular or semi-elliptical pit (calcarone) about 33 ft.

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