Sentence Examples

  • The process of change is called by Harnack sometimes " secularization" and sometimes ' Hellenization."
  • In some cases the secularization of episcopal principalities at the Reformation led to the survival of the title of bishop as a purely secular distinction.
  • The abbesses, however, retained certain rights of jurisdiction, and disputes between them and the Prussian government were frequent until the secularization of the abbey in 1803.
  • The suppression of the Inquisition and the secularization of the church landsmeasures which had already been taken by the government of the intruding French king Joseph at Madrid-passed together with much else.
  • Spain was so far relaxed as to permit the re-establishment of the orders of St Vincent de Paul, St Philip Neri and one other among those approved by the Holy See, so that throughout the country the bishops might have at their disposal a sufficient number of ministers and preachers for the purpose of missions in the villages of their dioceses, &c. In practice the phrase one other was interpreted by the bishops, not as one for the whole of Spain, but as one in each diocese, and at the request of the bishops congregations of all kinds established themselves in Spain, the number greatly increasing after the loss of the colonies and as a result of the measures of secularization in France.i The result was what is usual in such cases.

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