Sentence Examples

  • Our location should be within a couple of hours at the most from a city; not in the country, per se, perhaps a small town.
  • 7fEp,pp Yyos, n �iv abrocvous ?7 SE xecpoiro Li]Tov.
  • The webs of each set of movable webs shall, inter se, be strictly parallel, and the two sets shall be strictly at right angles to each other.
  • It was a council created by parliament to give advice in church matters at a great crisis in the nation's history; but its acts, though from the high character and great learning of its members worthy of deepest respect, did not per se bind parliament or indeed anyone.
  • Like Umbrian also, but unlike Latin and Oscan, it has degraded all the diphthongs into simple vowels (Volscian se parallel to Oscan svai; Volscian deue, Old Latin and Oscan deivai or deiuoi).

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