Sentence Examples

  • Capitaine, Recherches sur les journaux et les ecrits periodiques liegeois (1850); Releve de tous les ecrits periodiques qui se publient dans le royaume de Belgique (1875); Catalogue des journaux, revues, et publications periodiques de la Belgique (1910); Revue bibliographique belge.
  • The emperor's boast that he had found the city of brick but left it of marble (` ` marmoream se relinquere, quam latericiam accepisset," Suet.
  • The shunt coil Sh and the series coil Se are connected together at one point, and the remaining terminals of the dynamo and shunt coil must be connected to a " good earth," which is generally the gas or water pipes w of the building.
  • The meaning of this deflection can be interpreted as follows: If a galvanometer has a resistance R and is shunted by a shunt of resistance S, and the shunted galvanometer is placed in series with a large resistance R' of the order of a megohm, and if the same w w Se J FIG.
  • For omne majus continet in se minus" (Coke upon Littleton, 43a).

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