Sentence Examples

  • He greatly extended his territories at the expense of the Welsh, and eventually provoked an invasion of Aidan, king of the Scots, whom he defeated at a place called Daegsastan (603).
  • Aldred, the son of Eadulf, who now ruled north of the Tyne, appealed to Constantine II., king of the Scots, for help, but the Scottish and Northumbrian armies were defeated at Corbridge.
  • In 937 a great fleet and army were brought together by Constantine and Anlaf, the son of Sihtric, another Norwegian chieftain who had allied himself with the Scots, helped by Anlaf Godfreyson from Ireland.
  • The next earl was Waltheof and after him Uhtred, who defeated Malcolm II., king of the Scots, in io06.
  • Twelve years later, however, the Northumbrians were completely defeated at Carhan, and Lothian was annexed by the Scots (see Lothian).

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