Sentence Examples

  • Choosing where to get your Science Fiction news comes down to picking those Sci-Fi sites that either cover a little bit of everything, or choosing websites that focus exclusively on the Sci-Fi sub-genre that you're interested in.
  • Snider is the founder and editor at SciFiDimensions, and he recently sat down with LoveToKnow Sci-Fi to discuss not only the blog itself, but also his views and opinions about the present and future of the science fiction genre.
  • Science fiction fandom is notably laissez faire on social issues, and many a sci-fi discussion on Card has degenerated into whether or not you can support, by your purchase of his books, a writer whose beliefs many anathematize.
  • Many like the rush of adrenaline that is brought on by the scary themes of the movies, and science fiction fans will often watch movies that deal with horror themes, along with sci-fi ones, because of the otherworldly themes.
  • The past year has been slow for science fiction movies, but it looks like there's going to be a nice selection to choose from if you are a science fiction fan and have felt this sci-fi drought has hampered your movie style.