Sentence Examples

  • Some tribes hung the scalps to their bridles, others to their shields, while some ornamented with them the outer seams of their leggings.
  • Scalping was sometimes adopted by the whites in their wars with the Redskins, and bounties have been offered for scalps several times in American history.
  • Natural scalps are subject to extreme vicissitudes: an area of many acres may be destroyed by a local change of current producing a deposit of sand or shingle over the scalp, or by exposure to frost at low tide in winter, or by accumulation of decomposing vegetable matter.
  • The chief localities of natural scalps on the British coast are Morecambe Bay in Lancashire and the flat eastern shores, especially that of the Wash of Lincoln, and similar shallow bays.
  • These scalps are in some cases in the hands of private owners, and the Fisheries Department has made arrangements by which some local authorities, e.g.

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