Sentence Examples

  • The fishermen and fisherwomen form a quite distinct class of the people; both sexes are noted for their bodily strength, and the men for their bold and skilful seamanship. Tunny and sardines are cured and exported in large quantities, oysters are also exported, and many other sea fish, such as hake, sea-bream, whiting, conger and various flat-fish are consumed in the country.
  • Shipbuilding is carried on, and large quantities of sardines are canned for export.
  • In 1909, 2041 ships of 2,710,691 tons (1,153,564 being British) entered at Vigo; the imports in that year, including tin and tinplate, coal, machinery, cement, sulphate of copper and foodstuffs, were valued at £481,752; the exports, including sardines, mineral waters and eggs, were valued at 554,824.
  • Herrings furnish oil and guano, and the young fish are packed as " sardines " at Juneau.
  • Fish, canned and preserved, followed next, $1,660,881 in 1890 and $4,779,773 in 1900, an increase within the decade of 187.8%, most of which was in one branch - the canning of small herring 1 under the name " sardines "; from 1900 to 1905 the increase was slight, only $275,358, or 5.8 / 0.

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