Sentence Examples

  • What had been a slow movement between I585 and 1592 was quickened by Henry IV.s abjuration of Protestantism at Saint-Denis on the 23rd of July 1593.
  • This journey forms the subject of a window in the cathedral of Chartres, and there was originally a similar one at Saint-Denis.
  • Of Les Grands Chroniques de Saint-Denis (1477), was not, as is sometimes stated, also a brother of the poet.
  • Havet, Les Origines de Saint-Denis, in his collected works, i.
  • The Histoire de Charles VII by Jean Chartier, historiographer-royal from 1437, was included in the Grandes Chroniques de Saint-Denis, and was first printed under Chartier's name by Denis Godefroy, together with other contemporary narratives, in 1661.