Sentence Examples

  • While there are rumors that McCarroll turned down the coveted $100,000 prize due to a clause that would require 10% of his future proceeds to be delivered to Project Runway, he has gone on to create quite a career in fashion for himself.
  • While viewers might look at someone who has won a competition reality TV show like Project Runway and think the winner is unimportant, many still find themselves wondering who won Project Runway 2005, as well as who won other seasons.
  • Different colored wedding dresses are becoming more popular, thanks to celebrities who have gone outside the norm for their big day as well as designers that haven't been afraid to take risks for runway shows and magazine spreads.
  • Lopez has claimed to design her clothes to fit myriad body shapes, but her use of stick thin models in her runway show and her catalog have a lot of women doubting the clothes were designed around an average woman's curvy body.
  • TIGI Hair Care has designed a collection of products called "Catwalk" that is specifically designed to help create the intense creative styles that you've seen on runway models, and, yes, these products boast some serious hold.