Sentence Examples

  • The frequent intermarriages which mingled the best families of either race are sufficient proof of the close communion of Northmen and Celts in the 9th and 10th centuries, while there are in the poems themselves traces of Celtic mythology, language and manners.1 When one turns to the early poetry of the Scandinavian continent, preserved in the rune-staves on the memorial stones of Sweden, Norway and Denmark, in the didactic Havamal, the Great Volsung Lay (i.e.
  • Alice Goddard of London Metropolitan University has been reading the runes.
  • However, the prophecies tell of a human - damned to immortality, bound to the power of the ancient runes.
  • I am a GM Miner but cannot mine Rare ores like Dues + so on, I have runes to the mines but nothing.
  • Next, climb out and use your Dark and Light Reavers in the holes on the ground ( beneath the glowing runes ).

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