Sentence Examples

  • The Agoutis, Dasyprocta, include several species of slender-limbed rodents, with three hind-toes, inhabiting Central and South America, one (D.
  • All these rodents are remarkable for the manner in which the liver is divided into minute lobules.
  • The African cane-rats, Thryonomys, are large terrestrial rodents, ranging from the centre of the continent to the Cape, easily recognized by their deeply fluted incisors.
  • The more typical members of the family are rat-like burrowing rodents, living in communities.
  • Rodents may be characterized as terrestrial, or in some cases arboreal or aquatic, placental mammals of small or medium size, with a milk and a permanent series of teeth, plantigrade or partially plantigrade, and generally five-toed, clawed (rarely nailed or semi hoofed) feet, clavicles or collar-bones (occasionally imperfect or rudimentary), no canine teeth, and a single pair of lower incisors, opposed by only one similar and functional pair in the upper jaw.

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