Sentence Examples

  • Rn, covers eastern France from the Mediterranean to the Vosges, from the Cvennes and the Plateau de Langres to the crests of the Jura and the Alps.
  • By the automatic curb sender the cable is put to one or the other pole of the battery and then to the reverse pole for definite proportionate times during u b c 0 'c' C p t e a n i m e r rn e ll i a.
  • Though the country was convulsed by rn great struggle, these forty years witnessed a truly appallin~
  • JOCASTA, or Iocasta ('IoKaarn; in Homer, 'E7rLKao-rn), in Greek legend, wife of Laius, mother (afterwards wife) of Oedipus, daughter of Menoeceus, sister (or daughter) of Creon.
  • Ln, rn, Primarily left nephridium W, Wooden arc representing and primarily right nephthe base-line of the wall ridium.

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