Sentence Examples

  • JOCASTA, or Iocasta ('IoKaarn; in Homer, 'E7rLKao-rn), in Greek legend, wife of Laius, mother (afterwards wife) of Oedipus, daughter of Menoeceus, sister (or daughter) of Creon.
  • Ln, rn, Primarily left nephridium W, Wooden arc representing and primarily right nephthe base-line of the wall ridium.
  • He also found that diaceto succinic ester reacts with compounds of the type NH 2 R(R = H, CH 3, OH, NHC 6 H 5, &c.) to form pyrrol derivatives CH3 CO CH CO 2 R, C(CH3) :C C02R A NH 2 R -?- - RN(CH 3 CO CH CO 2 R C(CH3) :C C02R By using compounds of the type NH 2 R and acetophenone acetoacetic ester C 6 H 5 CO CH 2.
  • Then 1111 + a i[ 1 ]+ a i [12 1+a2[ 2 ]+ a 7 [13] +ala2[ 21 ]+a3[3]+-� + a p1 a p2 a P 3 �� .ap rn[Y1 p 2t' 3 ...
  • RN.) History of Glass Manufacture.

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