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  • Comparison with the table of binomial coefficients in � 43 suggests that, if m is any positive integer, (I +x)-m =Sr+Rr (25), where Sr=I -m[1]x+m[2]x2...+(-)rm[r]xr (26), Rr_(_)r+1xr+11m[r] (1Fx) - 1+(m - I[r](I+x) m) (27).
  • If other vortices are present, any one may be supposed to move with the velocity due to the others, the resultant stream function being = gy m log r =log IIrm; (9) the path of a vortex is obtained by equating the value of 1P at the vortex to a constant, omitting the rm of the vortex itself.
  • Blaise, Comptes rendus, 1901, 1 3 2, p. 38), R CN + R'M g I -?
  • (Slightly altered from Kirkaldy.) rm and lm, Right and left metapleur; at, atriopore; an, anus; e, " eyespot" at anterior end of neurochord projecting beyond the myotomes (my); n, notochord; rgo, gonads of right side only showing through by transparency; go 20, the last gonad; dfr, dorsal fin with fin chambers and fin rays; vfc, ventral fin chambers.
  • - anp, Anterior neural pore; be, rudiment of buccal skeleton; c, cilia; cb, ciliated band; cc, ciliated groove; cm, cilia at margin of mouth; gl, external opening of club-shaped gland; Hn, Hatschek's nephridium; lm, left metapleur; n, notochord; pp, praeoral pit; ps, primary gill-slits, I, 5, and 13; rm, right metapleur showing through.

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