Sentence Examples

  • Brown wrote an appreciative sketch (Boston, 1900) for the "Riverside Biographical Series."
  • Of this a portion remains on the riverside, containing a room associated with Pope, who is said to have worked here upon the "Essay on Man."
  • An excellent system of parks-8 within the city with an aggregate area of 1311 acres, and 3 with an aggregate area of 310 acres just outside the city limits - adds to the beauty of the city, among the most attractive being the Riverside, the St Clair, the University, the Military, the Fair View, the Garfield and the Brookside.
  • Among the city's parks (area in 1909, 325 acres) is one (Riverside) of 146 acres.
  • It is a poor and crowded district, and a large industrial population is employed in the riverside wharves and in potteries, glassworks and other manufactures.