Sentence Examples

  • Other than his solitary rides on Diablo, and his ventures into the woods, she only knew of one time when he had left the place, and that was when he took her home – and he wasn't too happy about that.
  • The professional soldiers of the Continent could rarely be brought to force a decision; but the English, contending for a cause, were imbued with the spirit of the modern "nation in arms"; and having taken up arms wished to decide the quarrel by arms. This feeling was not less conspicuous in the far-ranging rides, or raids, of the Cromwellian cavalry.
  • Thus Layamon's table can seat an indefinite number, and yet it can be carried by Arthur when he rides abroad.
  • We do not ride on the railroad; it rides upon us.
  • "And you're surprised at the way she rides, Simon, eh?" said the count.

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