Sentence Examples

  • Not just rhetorically, but for real.
  • The English form "eremite," which was used, according to the New English Dictionary, quite indiscriminately with "hermit" till the middle of the 17th century, is now chiefly used in poetry or rhetorically, except with reference to the early hermits of the Libyan desert, or sometimes to such particular orders as the eremites of St Augustine (see Augustinian Hermits).
  • The third of the series of resolutions introduced in the House of Representatives five days after his death, by John Marshall of Virginia, later chief-justice of the Supreme Court, states exactly, if somewhat rhetorically, the position of Washingtion in American history: "first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen."
  • When a noun comes first, it is followed by a relative pronoun, thus, Dafydd a brynodd lyfr yno, which really means " (it is) David who bought a book there," and is never used in any other sense in the spoken language, though in literary Welsh it is used rhetorically for the simple statement which is properly expressed by putting the verb first.
  • In the event of a loss, they may be forced to pay tribute to the victor or give up territory, but they seldom suffer physical harm, as Charles V of France noted when he rhetorically asked, "Name me an emperor who was ever struck by a cannonball."

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