Sentence Examples

  • They released Patsy and the state took her daughter to try reuniting them.
  • Filippo married and then beheaded Beatrice after a mock trial for adultery, having used her money and her influence in reuniting several subject cities to the crown of Milan.
  • While the persevering policy of the Capets, which aimed at reuniting the great fiefs, duchies, countships, baronies, &c., to the domain of the crown, gradually reconstructed for their benefit a territorial sovereignty over France, the institution of the appanage periodically subtracted large portions from it.
  • "Each system," he asserted, "is not false, but incomplete, and in reuniting all imcomplete systems, we should have a complete philosophy, adequate to the totality of consciousness."
  • " In handing over this district to the administration which controls the rest of Zululand, His Majesty's government," wrote Mr Chamberlain, under date March 1902, " feel that they are reuniting what ought never to have been separated."

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