Sentence Examples

  • A normal show follows the order of ticketing the offending vehicle, booting or towing the car -which depends on how many infractions the civilian has- and transporting the vehicle to the lot for retrieval by the public.
  • All these traditional toys are used in games of retrieval, where a ring, rock or other heavy object is thrown to the bottom of a pool and competitors vie to be the first to reclaim it.
  • While ovulation stimulation and egg retrieval research for fallopian tube problems continued, scientists also began experimenting with techniques to remedy other conception issues.
  • A solution emerged in the mid 1980s with the development of ultrasound-guided egg retrieval, which could take place in a doctor's office rather than a surgical suite.
  • Many endoscopes also allow the retrieval of a small sample (biopsy) of the area being examined, in order to more closely view the tissue under a microscope.