Sentence Examples

  • Running With Scissors includes "Saga Begins", a retelling of Star Wars: Episode I to the tune of Don McLean's "American Pie" and "Pretty Fly for a Rabbi", a parody of "Pretty Fly for a White Guy" from The Offspring.
  • Nosferatu was released in 1922; the estate of Bram Stoker in the person of his widow sued to have names and locations changed in this movie, but it is otherwise a fairly faithful retelling of his story.
  • You can print, and in some cases get audio recordings, of the stories, but best results always come from memorizing and retelling the stories with proper intonation for maximum dramatic effect.
  • Oddly, a movie that might be considered a 'cheap knockoff' of King Kong actually is a better retelling of the 'giant ape loose in civilization' story.
  • Chances are, the story of the Amityville Horror has some elements of truth that have been embellished in the retelling over the years.