Sentence Examples

  • Aurelian well deserved the title of restorer of the empire, and it must be remembered that he lived in an age when severity was absolutely necessary.
  • As "restorer of the overthrown altars," he won over the "men in black," among them Veuillot, editor-in-chief of l' Univers, and allowed them to get the University into their hands.
  • The most praiseworthy side of his pontificate was his munificence as a founder or restorer of useful institutions, and a patron of letters and art.
  • Antiochus of Ascalon, the professed restorer of the Old Academy, taught a medley of Stoic and Peripatetic dogmas, which he boldly asserted Zeno had first borrowed from his school.
  • He was welcomed, not as a successful combatant in a civil war, but as the man who had vindicated the sovereignty of Rome against its assailants, as the saviour of the republic and of his fellow-citizens, above all as the restorer of peace.

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