Sentence Examples

  • For political purposes these are subdivided into eight subordinate groups, consisting of three residencies and five agencies.
  • The following table summarizes the local budget of Annam for the years 1899 and 1904: - In 1904 the sum allocated to the expenses of the court, the royal family and the native administration, the members of which are paid by the crown, was £85,000, the chief remaining heads of expenditure being the government house and residencies (£39,7 0 9), the native guard (£32,609) and public works (£24,898).
  • Assistant Residencies have also been established at Manokvary in northern Dutch New Guinea, which has been formed into a province, under Ternate, and at Fakfak, in western Dutch New Guinea, likewise erected into a province, also under Ternate.
  • Administratively they are further divided into residencies, divisions, regencies, districts, and dessas or villages.
  • To 2° 25' S., comprises the residencies of the Padang lowlands, Tapanuli and the Padang highlands.