Sentence Examples

  • Make sure your Wii is off or you complete the following in another room away from the Wii bar, because as you insert the Wiimote, buttons will be pressed and you may inadvertently reset your Wii!
  • For example, if you are selling your iPhone and want to delete all of your apps, as well as all of your personal data and account connections, doing a factory reset is the best option.
  • Typically, the parent can choose to toggle between two different grade levels on his/her own, but anything over or under that needs to be reset by customer service via email request.
  • Round this core threads of glass were wound of various colors; the whole could be reset in the furnace to soften it for nsoulding the foGt or neck, or attaching handles, or dragging the surface into various patterns.
  • Yet, his mate had found a way to reset them.