Sentence Examples

  • There is vegetable rennet, which is made from enzymes found in safflower, melon, fig leaves or thistles, and there is microbial rennet, which is made from mold cultures or bacteria or are created artificially in a lab.
  • While vegetarians who made the lifestyle choice because of animal cruelty try their best to avoid cheese rennet, vegan individuals usually avoid cheese altogether, since it is made with dairy products.
  • Unfortunately, manufacturers are not required to name the source of their rennet on the package labels, so it's safest to find a cheese that is certified safe for vegetarians or vegans.
  • Animal rennet is one of the most common ingredients in mass produced cheese, which can make it quite a hurdle for those looking to only eat cheese with vegan rennet.
  • The words vegetable enzymes are a guarantee that the rennet is vegan, but enzymes is generic enough term that it can refer to both animal and vegan sources.