Sentence Examples

  • Whether you choose to purchase supplies for your layout or use your imagination to create your own unique designs, you'll find that a scrapbook devoted to this fun family vacation is a perfect way to relive your special memories.
  • X-Entertainment- Speaking of those classics, wouldn't you like to enjoy a blast from the past and relive some of the nostalgia associated with the WWE characters you have lying around your basement or in boxes in your attic?
  • In addition to obtaining transcripts to relive critical moments in the show's history or to read portions of an episode they might have missed, All My Children fans also request transcripts for other reasons.
  • Whether it's listening to an old NES tune to relive the nostalgia or indulging in a fully orchestrated score from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, video game music is quickly becoming a popular topic.
  • Darian couldn't help feeling dirty for causing her to relive the pain.