Sentence Examples

  • In the Mercian regnal tables, however, he is assigned a reign of only twenty-one years, which, as his death took place in 654 or 655, would give 634 as the date of his accession, presumably on the overthrow of Edwin, or perhaps on that of Ceadwalla.
  • In the Vestergotland regnal lists he appears Haakon the before Steinkel and it is possible that the authority Red, 1066- of that king was not regularly acknowledged in 10:9 ?
  • From the Middle Kingdom onward to the Roman period, the dates upon Egyptian documents are given in regnal years.
  • The question arises from what point these regnal dates were calculated.
  • Successive .regnal years might begin (1) on the anniversary of the kings accession, or (2) on the calendrical beginning in each year (normally on the first day of the nominal First month of inundation, i.e.

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