Sentence Examples

  • The compiler of this work, however, seems to have used a regnal list of the Bernician kings, which differed considerably from most of those found in our early authorities.
  • The careful statement of the ages of the animals in the later instances, with the regnal dates for their birth, enthronization and death have thrown much light on the chronology from the XXIInd dynasty onwards.
  • When the need began to be felt events were probably at first dated by the regnal years of kings; the reigns of successive kings were then arranged in order, and grouped, if necessary, in dynasties, and thus a fixed standard was gradually constructed.
  • In process of time, however, the custom of dating by the regnal year of the king became general.
  • If the regnal years of the kings of Israel from Jeroboam toJehoram be added together, they will be found to amount to 98, while if those of the kings of Judah for the same period (viz.