Sentence Examples

  • Claire heard the rest of his words without registering them.
  • The word census, too, came to mean the property qualification of the class, as well as the process of registering the resources of the individual.
  • "You mean … it's gone?" she asked, the world registering at last.
  • In France, Colbert, in 1670, ordered the extension to the rural communes of the system which had for many years been in force in Paris of registering and periodically publishing the domestic occurrences of the locality.
  • Before we can be said to know all that we might regarding this most interesting of lakes further extensive scientific observations are necessary; but these are extremely difficult owing to the impossibility of maintaining self-registering instruments in a region practically closed to Europeans for nearly half the year by the stifling heat, and inhabited only by Bedouins, who are the worst kind of ignorant, thievish and mischievous savages.