Sentence Examples

  • The slower propagation of light in gas or water than in air or vacuum may be attributed to a greater density, or to a less rigidity, in the former case; or we may adopt the more complicated supposition that both these quantities vary, subject only to the condition which restricts the ratio of velocities to equality with the known refractive index.
  • (15) Ifµ be the refractive index of the medium as modified by the particles, that of the original medium being taken as unity, then 6=(µ - I)dx, and µ - I =nT(D' - D)/2D..
  • If µ' denote the refractive index of the material composing the particles regarded as continuous, D'/D =µ' 2, and µ = 2 nT 0 2 ' 2 - I), (17) reducing to µ - I =nT(µ' - i),..
  • Chromatophores.The chromatophores or plastids are protoplasmic structures, denser than the cytoplasm, and easily distinguishable from it by their color or greater refractive power.
  • In young cells the chromatophores are small, colorless, highly refractive bodies, principally located around the nucleus.

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