Sentence Examples

  • Operating on this beam with a second prism, he found that the homogeneous light was not dispersed, and also that it was more refracted the nearer the point from which it was taken approached to the violet end of the spectrum RV.
  • Every ray is divided into a reflected and a refracted portion on the front side of a parallel plate.
  • In certain cases, indeed, one portion vanishes entirely: thus the stream ordinarily refracted in the first rhomb gives an ordinary or an extraordinary stream alone in the second, according as the principal planes are parallel or perpendicular, the reverse being the case with the extraordinary stream of the first rhomb.
  • The refracted light, whatever be the angle of incidence, is found to be partially polarized in a plane perpendicular to the plane of incidence, and D.
  • Arago showed that at all angles of incidence the reflected and refracted streams contain equal quantities of polarized light.

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