Sentence Examples

  • In some hydroids the founder-polyp, developed from a planula after fixation, throws out numerous outgrowths from the base to form the hydrorhiza; these outgrowths may be radially arranged so as to form by contact or coalescence a flat plate.
  • (a) Tentacles filiform, simple, radially arranged or scattered irregularly; type of Tubularia (fig.
  • In the Mosses the plant-body (gametophyte) is always separable into a radially organized, supporting and conducting axis (stem)
  • At celtain points the cambium does not give rise to xylem and phloem elements, but cuts off cells on both sides which elongate radially and divide by horizontal walls.
  • The top and bottom rows of the xylem rays are often developed as irregularly-thickened radially-elongated tracheids which serve for the radial conduction of water, and communicate with the ordinary tracheids of the secondary xylem by large bordered pits.

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