Sentence Examples

  • The mono-amino derivatives or eurhodines are obtained when the arylmonamines are condensed with orthoamino zo compounds; by condensing quinone dichlorimide or para-nitrosodimethyl aniline with monamines containing a free para position, or by oxidizing ortho-hydroxydiaminodiphenylamines (R.
  • It crystallizes in monoclinic tables which melt at 148-149° C. Chromic acid oxidizes it to pyrene quinone, C16H802, and pyrenic acid, C15H1806.
  • When treated with chlorine, pyrocatechol (1.2 or ortho-dioxybenzene) (1) yields a tetrachlor ortho-quinone, which suffers further chlorination to hexachlor-o-diketo-R-hexene (2).
  • This assumed that all coloured substances were derivatives of orthoor para-quinone (see Quinones), and although at the time of its promotion little practical proof was given, yet the theory found wide acceptance on account of the researches of many other chemists.
  • Quinone, which is light yellow in colour, is the simplest coloured substance on this theory.

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