Sentence Examples

  • The mono-amino derivatives or eurhodines are obtained when the arylmonamines are condensed with orthoamino zo compounds; by condensing quinone dichlorimide or para-nitrosodimethyl aniline with monamines containing a free para position, or by oxidizing ortho-hydroxydiaminodiphenylamines (R.
  • It crystallizes in monoclinic tables which melt at 148-149° C. Chromic acid oxidizes it to pyrene quinone, C16H802, and pyrenic acid, C15H1806.
  • Quinone, which is light yellow in colour, is the simplest coloured substance on this theory.
  • He suggests that the term " quinone " theory be abandoned, and replaced by the Umlagerungs theory, since this term implies some intermolecular rearrangement, and does not connote simply benzenoid compounds as does " quinonoid."
  • The views as to the question of colour and constitution may be summarized as follows: - (i) The quinone theory (Armstrong, Gomberg, R.