Sentence Examples

  • Quinone-dioxime, HON: C 6 H 4: NOH, crystallizes in colourless or yellow needles, which decompose when heated to about 240° C. Potassium ferrocyanide in alkaline solution oxidizes it to dinitrosobenzene, whilst cold concentrated nitric acid oxidizes it to para-dinitrobenzene.
  • A deep red solution was obtained, but the free quinone was not isolated since the solution on standing deposits nearly black crystals of dihydroxyphenylhydroxybenzoquinone (HO)2C6H3 C6H202.OH.
  • For naphthalene quinones see Naphthalene; for anthracene quinone see Anthraquinone; and for phenanthrene quinone see Phena Nt H Rene.
  • As being quinone hydrazones, type R NH N: R l: 0.
  • Hantzsch (Ber., 18 99, 3 2, pp. 59 o, 3089) considers that the oxyazo compounds are to be classed as pseudoacids, possessing in the free condition the configuration of quinone hydrazones, their salts, however, being of the normal phenolic type.