Sentence Examples

  • Other birds peculiar to the south are two species of quails, the Andalusian hemipode (Turnix sylvatica), confined to the plains of Andalusia, the southern shearwater (Puffinus cinereus), and other water-birds.
  • But Ortygia ("home of quails") applies still to Delos, and may well have been a synonym for that island.
  • Among the game birds are quails ("Bob White"), "partridges" (ruffed grouse), ducks, geese, woodcocks, snipes and plovers.
  • Again, the account of the quails, which is obviously incomplete, is undoubtedly derived from Num.
  • Fragments of this early story of Massah (testing) were incorporated by RP in his story of the manna and the quails, viz.

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