Sentence Examples

  • If a MS. is immediately or ultimately derived by copying from another MS., it cannot, qua copy, tell us anything that we do not know already if the latter MS. is known to us.
  • In philosophy, the term (with its antithesis "heteronomy") was applied by Kant to that aspect of the rational will in which, qua rational, it is a law to itself, independently alike of any external authority, of the results of experience and of the impulses of pleasure and pain.
  • There is an obvious development from the serpent qua reptile to the deity or the devil, and that the original theriomorphic form is not at once forgotten can be seen in Zeus Meilichios, Aesculapius Amynos, in the Cretan snake-goddesses, or in the Buddhist topes illustrated by Fergusson.
  • " I have no veneration," he said to the royal commissioners in St Andrews, before either the voluntary or the non-intrusive controversies had arisen, " for the Church of Scotland qua an establishment, but I have the utmost veneration for it qua an instrument of Christian good."
  • Perini, Di qua dal Mareb (Florence, 1905).

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