Sentence Examples

  • C guttural, written qu before e and i, keeps its ground as a central and as a final letter; in the latter position it is generally written ch (~mich, a m I c u m; joch, j o c u in).
  • The instance of Great Britain Napoleon withdrew his qu ted squadron, that the blockade could be made complete.
  • Such proofs A; 'g qu ty.
  • M _ c Q du dO dt - rrqu 2r qu AB _ Q du L bq (u -a') +V (b -a')1,l (a -u)11/ndu) L 1,1 (a-a/),,1 (u-b), f u Along the wall Bx, cos n0 =I, sin n0 =o, b >u>o ch nSt = ch log () n=, , fb-a?, ?
  • Wace says emphatically Ne fu oie ne veue, Ne fu trovee, ne seue Por la vergogne del mesfait Et del pecie qu ele avoit fait (11.13627-30).

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