Sentence Examples

  • Technically, TPE isn't a rubber at all, and doesn't contain any rubber bi-products, but it's often described to consumers as synthetic rubber for ease of understanding the product and to reduce any confusion with PVC.
  • Like any plastic product, PVC yoga mats can contaminate the immediate environment long before they are thrown out at the dump; breathing in plastic fumes, for example, is not an ideal complement to yogic breathing.
  • According to NatureWorks, LLC, their revolutionary Ingeo product produces 43 percent less greenhouse gases and uses 48 percent less non-renewable energy than traditional polymers like PET, PVC, LDPE, PP and GPPS.
  • This suitcase is a real traveling treat that features an extendable handle which pulls out of the suitcase's top, a PVC surface, and two wheels for your little girl to utilize when tugging her luggage around.
  • The Bean mat is made from PER (Polymer Environmental Resin) or clean PVC, which is supposed to be more sensitive to the environment and your health than yoga mats made of standard PVC foam.

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