Sentence Examples

  • R in the equation PV = RT.
  • Removing the summation signs in equation (52) in order to restrict its application to two points and dividing by the common time interval during which the respective small displacements ds and ds were made, it becomes Pdsfdt = Rds/dt, that is, Pv = Rv, which shows that the force ratio is the inverse of the velocity ratio.
  • Van't Hoff showed that the osmotic pressure P due to a number of dissolved molecules n in a volume V was the same as would be exerted by the same number of gas-molecules at the same temperature in the same volume, or that PV = ROn.
  • We may observe that the equation (51) is accurately true for an ideal vapour, for which pv = (S-s)0, provided that the total heat is defined as equal to the change of the function (E+pv) between the given limits.
  • He suggested that the high value for S found by Regnault might be due to the presence of damp in his superheated steam, or, on the other hand, that the assumption that steam at low temperatures followed the law pv = R0 might be erroneous.

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