Sentence Examples

  • - Pelmatozoa in which radial polymeric symmetry of the theca is developed either not at all or not in complete correlation with the radial symmetry of the ambulacra (such as obtains in Blastoidea and Crinoidea); in which extensions of the food-grooves are exothecal or epithecal or both combined, but neither endothecal nor pierced by podia (as in some Edrioasteroidea).
  • Phosphorus combines with nitrogen and chlorine to form several polymeric substances of the general formula (PNC1 2) x, where x may be 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 11; they may be obtained by heating the pentachloride with ammonium chloride in a sealed tube and separating the mixture by fractional distillation (H.
  • The substance investigated was acetaldehyde, C 2 H 4 O, in its relation to paraldehyde, a polymeric modification.
  • A polymeric form of methacrylic acid has been described by F.
  • When kept for some time in sealed tubes it changes to a yellowish liquid, from which a yellow flocculent substance gradually separates, and finally it suddenly solidifies to a dark red mass, which appears to be a polymeric form.

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